P4/P6/P8 Flexible LED Display Module

Flexible LED Module
Flexible LED ModuleFlexible LED Module

 FM-i6: P4
 FM-i8: P6
 FM-i10: P8

FM-i10: P10

 Environment: Indoor

Product Description

Flexible LED Module comes with reliable and mature techniques to be used for many applications, such as TV studio, fashion show, auto show, and concert tour. With excellence nature curve, Flexible LED Module can make any shape or angle as you want. Flexible LED Module is with size 288mmx120mm per tile or 256mmx112mm per tile, magnetic backside system for easy mounting on any metal sheet. Flexible LED Module has up to 1500nits brightness and 1000Hz refresh rate to make whole screen vivid color and excellent effect before camera. The whole design is very creative, humanized, and lively. Flexible LED Module could make LED screen as big as possible without any size limited.

P4/P6/P8 Flexible LED Display Module

Flexible LED Module

Enhance and define any structure with flexible LED module by exporing varieties of shapes it will impress you with. Integrate it into a curved media facade, wrap around a sturcture for dynamic content, or mount it over a dome or an arch with uncompromising flexibility and versatility.



Ultra Flexible

The flexiblility impresses you with limitless varieties of shapes you can customize.

Flexible LED Module

Flexible LED Module

Flexible LED Module



Front service

It allows for simple on site repairs without having to remove the entire back of a tile. It will be absolutely convenient when display is installed in a narrow place short of enough space for back service.





Flexible LED Module



Magnetic Modular Design

Panel Frames are magnetized allowing whole panels to be removed from the front. Installation and on site repair will be a lot more easier with magnetic modules design.

Flexible LED Module


Seamless Connection

Precise module connects seamlessly for smooth viewing experience.



Flexible LED Module



Black Anti-reflection SMD Mask

A dark background color makes the LEDs and pixels viewable both day and night.





Flexible LED ModuleA wave, a cyliner, or more interesting models for your custom solution. Flexible LED Module


Useful Details 

Pixel pitch(mm) P4 P6 P8
Light Source 3-in-1 SMD
Brightness (cd/㎡) 1000 1500 1200
Panel Size (mm) 288×120 288×120 256×112
Pixels per module 72×30 48×20 32×14
Viewing angle(H/V) 140/140°
Color depth 16 bit
Refresh rate 1000Hz


Flexible LED Module Flexible LED Module


ROHS                CE




P3.1/P3.9/P4.8/P6.25 Flexible LED Display Module

Geometry LED Display Module


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