Flexible Mesh (Q-Dot-Single LED)

LED Curtain Screen
LED Curtain ScreenFlexible LED Curtain

Q1-P37: 1 LED/dot,P37mm
Q1-P56: 1 LED/dot,P56mm
Q1-P75: 1 LED/dot,P75mm
 Q1-P100: 1 LED/dot,P100mm
 Environment: Outdoor/Indoor

Product Description

LED Curtain Screen can be arbitrary bent into arc, circle, waves, etc. Size and color can be customized. LED Curtain Screen is 70%~80% transparency, can make the screen and stage lighting as a whole, rendering vivid stage effect. Lock the two joint of LED Curtain Screen panel on the hanging beam to achieve quickly lifting of the curtain without any tools. LEDs can be removed separately, are used to implement various creative style. LED Curtain Screen is only 4.1kg/m²weight, saving install and transport time and cost. Quick lock system assured stable and reliable connection, fast and easy installation or dismount. It is IP65 rated, applicable for both indoor and nighttime outdoor applications.

Flexible Mesh (Q-Dot-Single LED)


LED Curtain Screen


Creative Screen Configuration

Flexible mesh Q-Dot series delivers unmatched flexibility allowing for creative shape and size of LED screen. Wave, curve, column wrapping…Sky is the limit.





LED Curtain Screen




Ultra light, time- and labor-efficient for installation and transport.



Custom Flexible Frame

Q-Dot comes with exclusively design flexible frame integrating individual flexible strings into mesh screen. It is flexible for both conventional and innovation screen setup and for painless installation.

LED Curtain Screen

Easy Maintenance

Remove the faulty dot string directly from the flexible frame in front for quick and trouble-free maintenance.

LED Curtain Screen

Quick Lock System

Secure the interconnection between panels by the durable quick lock system.

LED Curtain Screen


70%~80% Transparency

Use Q-Dot mesh screen as a stage backdrop, over building façade, delivering dazzling and engaging video content while preserving the view from behind.

LED Curtain Screen



IP65, 1000-1500 nits, 1LEDs per dot

Apply the Q-Dot mesh screen for both indoor and nighttime outdoor applications.


LED Curtain Screen

Useful Details

Pixel Pitch  P37.5mm P56.25mm P75mm P100mm
Transparency 75% 80% 95% 95%
Brightness 1500 nits 700 nits 400 nits 300 nits
Light Source Nation Star SMD3535
Panel Size 0.3m x 4.8m 0.45m x 7.2m 0.6m x 9.6m 0.8m x 12.8m
Pixels/Panel 8×128 pixels
Color Depth 16 bit
Refresh Rate 1000Hz
Environment IP65

Calculating-Power-Consumptionac-100-240v                  400w

ROHS                CE




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