Custom LED Square Column

LED Column
LED Column

Environment: Indoor
Installation: Permanent

(in most cases)


Product Description

LED Column is an impressive and eye-catching square pillar, specially designed for themed events, use it to enhance your event. This innovative LED column brings a brand new effect, modern visual experience for events. Quick and easy installation. Used energy-saving and environment friendly material, no flicker, creating special and super bright effects. Many different sizes are available for wide applications. Any new design and layout about LED Column, we can do it according to your requirement. LED Column is only for indoor application and mostly for permanent installation. Use LED Column for indoor, such as hotel, restaurants, night clubs, bars, pub, coffee house, tea house, shop, golf club and other indoor place. Also could use LED Column for events: such as Christmas, parties, evening show, DJ house, wedding cerebration, vocal concert, exhibition, launches, exhibition, corporate display and other ceremonies.

Custom LED Square Column


LED Column


Column Size & Pixel Pitch Customizable.


Customizable Shape.


You can have the column your own way by adding other freeform LED elements like LED cube or more.

Custom LED Square Column in freeform display series offers multiple viewing sides when compared with conventional rectangular LED screen. It is great for everything from effects and HD video playback. Incoporate it into corporate events, a fancy hotel, or more special events and public places.


LED Column



Installation: Standing Colunm



100% Front Serviceable:

Front service allows for easy on-site maintanence.

Column Structure:

Square LED modules fixed onto inner structure and closely aligned.




LED Column


Close Panel Alignment; HD Effects

Column consisting of LED display modules deliver high definition effects with much smaller pitch between LEDs and close module alignment.


LED Column



ROHS                CE




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