Custom LED Pillar

LED Pillar
LED Pillar

Environment: Indoor
Installation: Permanent

Product Description

LED Pillar display perfect 3D dynamic video show, round pillar is 360 degree visible, creating vivid 3D effect. LED Pillar performs high definition videos and special effects. Magnet design allows for full front access, easy and quick to repair and replacement, convenient for maintenance and installation. It is designed for permanent installation and indoor application, popular used in hotel, shopping mall, airport, etc., pillar size, pixel pitch and shape are customizable.

Custom LED Pillar


LED Pillar


Pillar Size(diameter/Length) & Pixel Pitch Customizable.



Customizable Shape.


Spice it up by adding other freeform LED elements or shape it by your dream design.


Custom LED Pillar delivers 3D dynamic video show that is seen from all directions viewers comes in. Customize smalled sized pillars and hang them up for vivid decoration or a large sized one for HD video playback in a certain place like a shopping mall, airport, etc.



LED Pillar



Permanent Installation


100% Front Serviceable:

Magnet design allows for easy and quick installation and removal, front servicable.



LED Pillar


High definition performance of both video playback and effects.





360° Visible 

Dynamic digital show is smoothly delivered and is seen all around the pillar structure.






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