Custom LED Ball Outdoor

LED Sphere


Outdoor Series (≥6000nits)


Permanent(in most cases);

Rental (with wheels or other custom

made equipment)



Product Description

LED sphere display can be customized required as any sizes and any pixel pitches to satisfy different needs, flexible LED strings creates more natural spherical shape and perfect viewing angle with 360 degree. LED Sphere Display is a creative LED product for indoor and outdoor advertising application. LED Sphere Display’s unique spherical shape appearance makes it different from traditional LED. Special designed wheels or other custom made equipment for rental industry. LED sphere display provides a clear 3D dynamic video show, video will be converted for the spherical surface by the LED video ball itself. LED sphere display is popular used in shopping mall, bar, disco, exhibition hall, besides it is also be widely used in Museum, Sports Stadium, Airport, Hotel, Railway Station, Lounge or Waiting Hall, Large Open Space, etc.

Custom LED Ball Outdoor

For-your-custom-solutionled sphere display



Diameter & Pixel Pitch: Customizable!

Custom LED Ball couldn’t be a better choice when you are thinking of bizzare lighting decoration in a fancy hotel or a shopping mall; 3D dynamic video show in an airport,a museum, a planetarium or more.


led sphere display Installation: Standing Ball.                    Freeform LED Elements

 Flexible LED Light Strings (Superbright Series Outdoor/Indoor)

Flexible Strings of dot attached to the frame. For both indoor and outdoor use.led sphere display







led sphere display




It is superbright (≥6000nits); Perfect for ourdoor application(IP66). Whichever direction viewers come in, the ball is always the eye-catching display delivering 3D digital show.






ROHS                CE




Custom LED Ball Indoor


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