For brand visual production, there will always be something special to ask for because every visual experience has a uniqueness. Sometimes, standard can do everything; but some other time, uniqueness only flexibility can do.

Flexible LED display products are there to let you get custom solutions.

We believe that even a small change on the original product can make a difference. We also believe that a good LED product not only has the high standard quality, it must be the one that inspires people most.

Customization lets you make a change, helps you accommodate a change, and even offers you an opportunity to lead change in brand LED lighting industry.

We intend to engage you in this special service, take the inspiration further and help you win the credit you deserve.

One Myth about Customization…

Customization might be a daunting prospect for many of you, because you think it takes an awful lot of time going through technical details and also costs considerably.

But, that only happens when customization is based on lack of expertise and a rip-off.

By circumventing traditional channels, offering professional technical support, and engaging with customers directly, we are able to deliver customization service that you will find incredible.


Customization Service Highlights


-Modification of Products

Modification to the ready-made flexible LED Display products will be necessary when your visual production has a special need. Especially when it comes to more interesting form factor and creative design like two-or three-dimensional forms. Screen products of flexible quality are relatively easy to be modified.

However, for those conventional screen products, such custom solution is still effective. You can do the transformation to conventional LED screen and make it job specific.

-Brand New Screen Concept

If you can’t find a suitable LED display product that fits your production among so many existing options; if you are inspired by one of them and produce a brand new product idea; we are here to offer you the alternative to customize it.

You innovative idea may be applied only to your specific production at the beginning. But there might be chance that you will open a whole new market because of it. Once that happens, you must get the credit you deserve. We promise never to let you miss that. We intend to work with you and go through whatever it takes to legitimate the process. We will provide Original Idea Protection and establish a partnership of Mutual Benefit.


-Custom Lighting Solution Package

Other than applying customization to certain products, we also deliver custom solution package. Based on our expertise and understanding of your needs, we will make sure everything you need in a project is taken care of. From flash design or 3D projection, to products selection, to after-sale support, an integration service is also tailor made to give you a whole package to go.