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3Cinno’s LED New Product Release Report: Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display

3Cinno is proud to put out this innovative and revolutionary product: Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display

Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display is a high resolution 1.2mm pixel pitch LED screen. Thanks to its high brightness (800 nit) and ultra small pixel pitch, it suits the applications of control rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, ect. Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display comes with unmatched UHD video performance, wireless design and front access capability, its high reliability, quality and easy maintenance makes it the ideal solution for indoor LED application.

Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display1

Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display creates uniform, high-quality images with consistent color and high gray scale (in low brightness). Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display ensures easy and accurate alignment with high quality diecasting aluminum cabinet.

Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display2

Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display’s high precision ensures the splicing gap is less than 0.01mm and its not visible to the naked eyes. Finely processed diecasting aluminum cabinet, special splicing structure can achieve a truly seamless screen.

Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display3


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Ultra High Definition (UHD) Series

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